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It's Something About You Girl

In 1985, 16-year-old Providence, Rhode Island high school student Ted Stroehmann is about to go on a prom date with his dream girl Mary Jensen when he gets his scrotum stuck in his zipper. He is hospitalized after managing to painfully unzip it, which causes him to miss their date. Ted subsequently loses contact with her.

It's something about you girl

need help.. I can't really hear much from the lyrics.. it's like "so drink it away" or something..this is the link =JHZBJb4uBIs&list=PLQFfCseonisvwNs4Gr7KDz86nOwNAaBmc&index=184it starts at 2:08..just that one song.. pls

Ok so the song I'm looking for goes boys like you can't tell when they've got something really real girls like me we stayed just cuz we feel the way we feel it's your loss now I was once down stop talking about you miss me now it's your loss now

There's a song, where the only lyric I can remember is "I'm goooooing across the deltaaa", the singer had a deep voice, I think the music stopped as he sang that. It played on Dish Network's Strobe (958, Electro-pop) I don't think it's C2C's Delta, unless it's a remix or something? Thank you in advance, please help, if anyone is able to.

I don't believe that's a Spiritual song or one they sing in church lol The lyrics are my milkshake brings all the boys to the yard Damn right it's better than yours I can teach you but I have to charge... If my church was singing that when I walked in late like I usually do I would die laughing and I would Yell JESUS MARY JOSEPH!!!!! excuse me Yes there is a milkshake better than Yours & every human being... it's Gods and guess what is even better? The pastor & bible can teach you & Jesus Christ DOESN'T CHARGE, ? In fact He gave his life and died for all of you So you can all have free milkshakes & God said whoever believed in him my son Shall not perish but have everlasting life Pretty much be immortal for Eternity With all the milkshakes and Have Eternal non stop happiness you couldn't possibly fathom in The short time well all be here in these human bodies. Imagine that all of milkshake's cookies and milk milk fudge and ice cream you want without ever gaining weight.AMEN. All you have to do is ask God to forgive you for all of your sins and welcome him into your heart as you Lord and savior. It doesn't cost anything,.. Just just please do it right now because I wouldn't wish eternal life in hell, Unless you don't mind The feeling of being burnt alive for eternity Think about how we will just live forever and ever and ever there's no ending it just keeps going and going and going and going and going Really think about that It can really blow my mind how us christians are going to just live forever and ever and ever after we die..Right?

Im looking for a very upbeat, anthem type pop song sung by a young female artist (Kelly Clarkson, Demi levato, Robyn, Cascade type. I think late 90's to early 2000's. The song is about the singer getting over or past some guy. she sings about being "without you" or "we're through" But "her love" does something repeatedly in the chorus either to the guy or in spite of guy she's leaving . Maybe guy not getting more of "her love". or "her love" is too good for him. "My love .... ... .." is the hook of song and main part of the chorus. I think it may have been redone or covered fairly recently and used in soundtrack for a Rom Com in the last 5 years or so. Please help!!

Hey guys, I'm trying to find a song that appears in the Raising Dion series ep 6 min 40:25. I think, with my little knowledge of English, that the song goes something like this: its time to dance its time to free screaming it's time to figure out how world is spinning out.

need help.. the first lyrics are like "so drink it away" or something.. I can't really hear it that clearly..heard it from this link.. =JHZBJb4uBIs&list=PLQFfCseonisvwNs4Gr7KDz86nOwNAaBmc&index=184it starts at 2:08.. p.s this is my second time posting this but it's not a spam.. I forgot to put my gmail..

hi, im looking for a song that i heard but didn't catch the name of and can't seem to find anywhere. i remember the video having the band, the singer had a beard and short hair plus a red guitar. they were in a house with a mirror that he made a smiley face in with the dust and then wiped away. some of the lyrics i remember are with a .38 to his head / ... solution (?) to the living and the dead / lord it's driving me mad / he told me son (this was something about the devil)dead was repeated a couple times towards the was kind of rockish-countryish, but i legit cannot find it anywhere i look. this was also a youtube ad, but the name wasn't at the end and i cannot get it to pop up again

This is an old song.The lyrics go"Only you drive me wild it's something I can't describe I put no one above you, honey I love you, can I tell you I love you"Does anyone know? It's been stuck in my head for a while now. I heard my dad listening to it.

This is an old song maybe early 2000s, sung by a female artist. And it's got many explicit lyrics, talking about sex.Cardi B's line in Please Me that goes "I'm gonna ride it, do it just how you like it" reminds me of it but I can't place the song! Does anyone know? It's driving me crazy!

I can't find this one song. I know it's by a girl and I only remember some of the words and parts of the song: "You gave me roses, but I'm afraid to hold em', I scared without you..." - "...Take one step, that's all I need for you to do..." I looked it up but can't find it anywhere. I know that it plays on 106.9 a lot.

I'm looking for a song that goes; boys like you can't tell when they got something really real girls like me we stay just cuz we feel the way we feel it's your loss now I was once down stop talking about you miss me now it's your loss now

I need help with a songgoes something like"I stand in the crowd"and some other lyrics are like "I'm standing last ??? can't shut down"it's bugging me and I really want to find out what it is.

Starting Tuesday, local troops will begin hawking all the classics -- Bingeable Thin Mints. Coconutty (and divisive) Samoas. Decadent Tagalongs. There's just something about a cookie you can only buy between one narrow window every year that makes it sweeter.

Why It Works: In theory, Chasing Amy is a about a woman who self-identifies as a lesbian and a straight guy trying to make it work, but deeper than that, it's about coming to terms with your partner and accepting them for who they are at this very moment in time. Holden and Alyssa get along really well. In a vacuum, they could be very happy for the rest of their lives, but they're surrounded by people who are used to them behaving in different ways. It's a frank and fascinating perspective, and it's one that makes the movie worth watching. Well, that perspective along with Jason Lee hilarity and good old fashioned Jay and Silent Bob jokes.

Why It Works: It's so hard to make an original romantic comedy, and yet, every single thing about Harold And Maude is completely its own. Their interests, the way they communicate, even his mode of transportation is tied directly to this film. Yet, at no point does it seem like it's being weird for the sake of it. These characters, strange as they might be, make complete sense within their little worlds, and it's beautiful to watch them find and accept each other for exactly who they are.

Why It Works: Paul Thomas Anderson offers a layer of suspense and intensity to Punch-Drunk Love that almost make it hard to perceive this film as a romantic comedy. But it is romantic and it is funny. Adam Sandler shows us his angrier side as Barry Egan, an awkward underdog of a character who's determined to turn things around for himself. You get the sense that he's allowed himself to be held down all of his life, but something is changing. There's magic in the air. Also airline miles and a lot of pudding. We feel the tension like an electric charge, right from the start. So when he meets Emily Watson's Lena, their happily ever after seems fated, but there are obstacles in the way, requiring Barry to rise up if he wants to get the girl and keep her.

Story In A Nutshell: She's a New York socialite who associates with mobsters and dates a wide range of rich men. Her new neighbor is a struggling writer, but there's something about him that feels right.

Perfect Quote: "The odd thing about this form of communication is that you're more likely to talk about nothing than something. But I just want to say that all this nothing has meant more to me than so many somethings."

Why It Works: It seems like Diane Court is out of Lloyd Dobler's league. She's the valedictorian, she has money and a bright future, and she's beautiful. He's a good but somewhat underachieving guy who has every reason to be intimidated by her, but Lloyd takes a chance anyway, and it pays off much more than either of them might have imagined. By high school's social rules, Lloyd and Diane wouldn't be a good fit for one another, but high school is over and the timing proves to be perfect for a lasting romance, as Say Anything allows us to believe that, despite their differences, by loving each other, Lloyd and Diane will go on to become the best versions of themselves. Say Anything came out in the 1980s. As a teen-focused movie, it's understandably a bit dated on the surface, but as a wonderful story about two teens falling in love on the brink of adulthood, it's timeless.

Why It Works: Sure, we could focus on the absurdity of staging a romantic story around a call girl and a john, but the charm of Pretty Woman develops from the nature of its characters, particularly as it relates to Edward and Vivian. She treats sex like it's business. He treats everything like it's business. Neither enter the story open to romance or a relationship, but the two characters fall in love anyway, during their brief time together, wherein he introduces her to his wealthy lifestyle and she introduces him to the art of relaxation. Maybe it's not your traditional fairy tale, but the film finds the charm in a story about two people finding exactly what they need in each other. And plus, it's without a doubt the best Julia Roberts romantic comedy. 041b061a72

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