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Buy Antique Compass

Compasses have been the tools at the heart of some incredible discovering, conflicts, and feats of discovery. Aesthetic in appearance, while many devices now automatically incorporate some form of compass or GPS, the humble compass is still heralded for its design. Smaller compasses make for a great memento or gift, while larger pieces can be used for striking decor and design details. Each compass will have its own story and history, from those used in times of war to those used on commercial ships or even by a boy scout in days gone by, and by purchasing an antique compass you keep a little piece of that history alive.

buy antique compass


There are a variety of different compass types which reflect the variety of uses compasses have had throughout history. Knowing the different types of compasses can help you to narrow down your search when looking for the perfect antique compass.

Material: Brass with a shellac finish Features: The compass is a small boat with the compass itself being displayed at the tip Price: $166.37

A triangular compass dating back to the 1990s , dimensions of the compass are itself are height: 5cm, width: 12cm, depth: 12cm, length: 11cm. Dimensions of the box are height: 6cm, width: 17cm, depth: 17cm.

Material: Metal, Cornish Serpentine Glass Features: A almost marble look to the base of a compass at the very top. Price: $62.32

Compasses are fantastic decor pieces and can add a touch of nautical aesthetic to a space. Making for great conversation pieces, and with each item having its own fascinating history, compasses are more than just a simple object and can make great gifts too.

The Hampton Nautical Antique Brass Alidade Compass with telescope and bubble level is a beautiful nautical gem. Its beauty proves to be a perfect accent for spaces such as desktops, bookshelves, mantles, and more. This antique brass alidade has a magnetic compass mounted beneath it for guaranteed accurate readings as well as a bubble level placed on the telescope for precise sightings. The alidade mounts on an antique brass support with a complimenting hardwood base. Three adjustable leg-screws are included for perfect balance. This antique brass nautical gem features a real working telescope, a fine-quality item for surveyors to align and measure vertical and horizontal angles

Gilbert & Sons Solid Shiny Brass Antique Compass is a hand-crafted, vintage-style navigational tool made of brass. This antique-style compass is designed to resemble a traditional compass from the 19th century, with a solid brass construction and a polished finish.

It also has a clear glass lens to protect the delicate needle and allow for easy viewing. The brass housing has intricate detailing and an elegant, antique-inspired design, making it not only a functional tool but also a beautiful decorative piece.

Furthermore, makes a high-quality, functional and stylish navigational tool that combines traditional craftsmanship with modern functionality. Its brass construction, antique design and clear glass lens make it a beautiful piece that is both practical and ornamental.

There is more to clocks than just telling time. They have ornamental value and a special place within the home's interior space. @Home offers a diverse range of artistically constructed wall clocks that complement the decor of modern homes. While some wall clocks in this collection feature unique antique designs, others sport a sophisticated modern appearance. @home clocks are practical and elegant and may be used in your house or as a meaningful present to your loved ones.

If you are into history, or looking for something specific, we have a rare range of products from the Tokimec magnetic compass, to the World War II era Lionel Binnacle. Indeed, a Lionel Binnacle! During the World War II, they suspended making the toy trains they were famous for, and produced ship parts much needed for our military.

This custom, handmade table, has a glass smooth gloss finish and elegant lines. It features a one-of-a-kind mother of pearl compass inlay made by our partner in art, Pearl Works of Charlotte Hall, MD. If you are looking for a perfect centerpiece for your living room or office, this is it! 041b061a72

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