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Oribe Anti Humidity Spray Where To Buy

Oribe's Imperméable Anti-Humidity Spray keeps frizz at bay for a beautiful and smooth head of hair. This lightweight hairspray is infused with panthenol and keratin to add volume and shield hair from humidity. Uphold any sleek blowout or curly hair styles with this protective spray.

oribe anti humidity spray where to buy

The Oribe anti humidity spray comes in a travel size (2.2oz) and a full size (5.5oz). I started with the travel size to give it a try and now I have both sizes for all my needs! The anti frizz spray is great on hot, humid days and on rainy days alike!

Jenny I still lover the phyto product as well I am just waiting for the sephora f&f sale to stock up! The phyto results are good and it's a great product to use if your prefer a cream over a spray. I think the oribe is great for shine and smoothness. It's hard to compare them because the formulas are different but they are both great products.

I have recently moved to a soft water area and found it's my nemesis, I have fine, strong, long, straight, but heavily populated hair, it has made my hair unmanageable and lifeless. I have also found that with the soft water any humidity now fluffs it up in to a right mess. I've tried lots of different products, but the Oribe range has been unrivalled. I use their texturising spray to add volume to areas that no longer have oomph. I use this Anti-humidity spray to calm the fluffy frizz on top, it works a treat. I have also found I've got a couple of grays coming in at the front, they are a totally different texture and curling, if I use this spray it seems to straighten them out a bit and bring them in line with the rest of my hair. Love it!

This lightweight anti-frizz hairspray acts as a shield against humidity and environmental damage, protecting sleek blowouts and perfect curls alike. Miami-tested and approved, it creates smooth, anti-frizz, touchable styles on the sultriest days (and nights) while nourishing and protecting.

Hairspray is ideal for working a style into place by building a base of volume and support. Delivers ultra fast drying, satin shine elegance and weightless frizz defense with maximum humidity protection. 041b061a72

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