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Buy Armour Thyroid Online India

You can meet with an online endocrinologist and get your thyroid medication online when working with Paloma Health. Our trusted thyroid doctors are open to exploring all treatment options to help you optimize your thyroid health.

buy armour thyroid online india

I have been on synthetic T4 for 10 years post total thyroidectomy for pap ca. I have been miserable in the last couple of years, though like you say, the blood levels have always been alright. Looking to find a good doctor willing to prescribe and monitor NDT dosing in India. If not, can you recommend someone from your data base who does online consults from the US?Appreciate your help

Yeah! I realised after going to the medicine store and holding one in my hand. The wrong info is given in the medindia site on the web. Extremely sorry for giving this wrong info on this page. But of course, the link I have provided will prove that I had put up the info in real earnestness. There are so many individuals who are claiming to have used T3 and got their ailment under control. But they are not sharing the info from where they sourced the medicine in India? I am suffering from Hypothyroidism induced Artherosclerosis which has made me miserable. Please help 041b061a72

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