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Goodbye, Mr. Cool YIFY

Having been told Potts had recruited Phil Coulson and an entire team of S.H.I.E.L.D. agents to arrest Stane, Stark warned it would not be enough as Stane had his own armored suit. To combat this, Stark put his suit on and prepared to battle Stane. While Rhodes admired the armor which he called the coolest thing he had ever seen, Stark told him to keep the skies clear from the United States Armed Forces while he then flew out of his mansion.[1]

Goodbye, Mr. Cool YIFY

Stark wondered if Banner used jazz or marijuana to keep his cool, to which Captain America found less than funny, telling Stark he was risking the lives of everyone on board the Helicarrier and should be focusing on the issues at hand. Stark, however, suggested that Fury might have other motives for restarting the Avengers Initiative, although Captain America was unconvinced. Banner noted that Loki's comments could have been referring to Stark Tower and the power it supplied. Captain America once again told Stark to remain focused on locating the Tesseract, only for Stark to insult his uniform and send him out of his lab. Stark rudely commented on how his father had so often admired Captain America having worked with him back in World War II.[8] 041b061a72

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