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[S1E7] They Lied ##TOP##

There are seemingly two sides to every character on this series, and as easy as it is to get sucked into the version of themselves they're presenting to Sophie, everyone's true colors are bound to come out in the end.

[S1E7] They Lied

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Because at the end of the day, that appears to be what everyone closest to Sophie is trying to do. They're unwilling to give her the complete picture of her past because they're hoping to keep this Sophie. The vulnerable Sophie dependent upon them, and not the other way around.

Finding out that Harrison initially hired Baden to look into Sophie isn't as shocking as the show would like it to be, though it puts many things into perspective. Their initial meet-cute is now tainted with the knowledge that Baden knew exactly who she was when they met, which ultimately casts a shadow on their relationship.

Someone else was on the ferry deck, and even if they didn't physically push Sophie, you have to wonder if there was some kind of confrontation between them that ultimately led Sophie to want to take her life.

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Rigby brought Mordecai some grilled cheese deluxe sandwiches from a restaurant called Cheezer's to eat while watching some funny internet videos (which Mordecai didn't like). Benson comes in and says that was his grilled cheese sandwich. Rigby tries to lie to Benson, but Benson didn't believe the story (since the bag having Benson's name on it proves the lie didn't work), and orders Mordecai (selfishly, because he did nothing bad) and Rigby to get off their "lazy butts" and go get him another "Grilled Cheese Deluxe". The duo find themselves in a long line to Cheezer's. They argue about who is the better liar. After Mordecai punches Rigby in the stomach, two astronauts in blue jackets walk around the line and enter the restaurant. Rigby recovers from the punch and teases Mordecai, touching his face and pressuring him into lying that they're astronauts too. They enter the restaurant as astronauts and get a grilled cheese, but then Rigby goes to the real astronauts and goes as far as telling them that Mordecai is his captain. Mordecai quickly tells the astronauts that they have to go back to the compound. One of them offers a ride while the other one realizes that he has never seen them before. Rigby explains that they just got back from a ten-year space trip and Mordecai includes that they got transferred. The astronauts decide to give them a ride and a tour of the compound.

After entering the compound, Mordecai and Rigby say that they forgot their I.D. The astronauts let them use their I.D.s and gives them a blue space jacket. Rigby puts the grilled cheese in his jacket and tells the astronauts that Mordecai wants his in pink. Mordecai then explains that he borrowed a pair from Dr. Asinovskovich (who was standing in front of them). She says that she doesn't remember Mordecai who tries to remind her of the conference. She then looks uneasy and runs away.

After messing around with the buttons, Major Williams comes and yells at them. The alarm becomes louder as the anti-matter becomes unstable. The astronauts put Mordecai and Rigby into the chamber, so they can fix it. They argue about whose fault it is, so Mordecai lies to the astronauts that he has a condition which makes him forget things in stress and that Rigby is an idiot. Jimmy explains that they have to throw a solid object into the anti-matter. The astronauts tell Mordecai to throw Rigby into the anti-nucleus. Mordecai grabs Rigby (who's crying), but takes the grilled cheese sandwich and throws it into the anti-nucleus. The anti-matter explodes and becomes stable, causing Mordecai and Rigby to slam into the door. When everybody came to them, Rigby tells them that they're not astronauts. The astronauts throw them outside of their house and threatened them. Mordecai and Rigby returned to Benson who questioned what happened to his grilled cheese (which is burned up). Rigby tries to explain the truth, but Benson believes Mordecai, who lied that they ran it over by accident, and the episode ends with Benson asking the two if it was so hard to tell the truth.

The rangers are at a dig, trying to search through the fossils to uncover more Energems. All except for Shelby... She has realized that the Energems were found in specific dinosaur fossils, and that they won't find additional ones by looking through the same fossils as the other Energem locations. Instead, she theorises that the Energems of the Plesiosaur, Ankylosaurus, Pteranodon, Brachiosaurus and Pachycephalosaurus would be located in those specific fossils, and by using the Energems they already possess, they could potentially find the exact points to dig using them. The others don't believe that there is a way to do this, but Shelby does - Kendall.

She goes to Kendall, who is at first dismissive of her idea, until she hears her out. The theory is sound, and by using all five Dino Chargers, they can create new Chargers which can then hone in on the signature of the Energem. They build a device capable of detecting an Energem signature, specifically the Aqua Energem, using the new Ankylo Charger. As the guys return, the pair demonstrate the device, which picks up a signature on the west coast of America.

Back at HQ, Kendall laments that despite it being a joint venture between her and Shelby, the Ankylo Zord was found by Poisandra because she didn't think to encrypt the transmission, so anyone could have hacked in. She tries to go out on her own to help the new zord, but Shelby sneaks along to aid her. As they get to the location, Stingrage attacks again. Having been told by Sledge that despite hurting the zord and almost capturing Koda, almost won't cut it; he needs to bring back an Energem, or he will wish he was still imprisoned.

Viv is still pretty upset with Phil about taking money out of their account without discussing it, so she decided to put herself first and headed to an art show in San Diego. Phil tells Geoffrey to get some flowers or plan a nice dinner for when she gets back, but Geoffrey had some news to share with Phil too. Reid, played by Micheal Ealy, was also going to be at this art show, and Georffrey said he was someone they needed to worry about.

Charlotte talks to Susan, and confirms that her new friend has a LOT of pull. Technically, she didn't even invite any of these people, they just kind of followed her. Charlotte thanks her for making the day a success, and Susan reiterates that she's not really into Sanditon or the Regatta, she's only into Charlotte. I can't figure out if that's because she thinks Charlotte's neat or because she's enjoying the impending smackdown between Charlotte and Whatsherface, but either way I'm enjoying myself. And speaking of Whatsherface, she's on her way over, with Sidney in tow.

Across town, Folgers Brother's Drunken Disaster Tour of Sanditon continues apace as he runs into Clara. She tells him they never needed to be enemies, and wonders what's gonna happen to him now that he's disinherited.

Bill and Holden drive into a prison as the audio plays of a man laughing and bragging. They surrender their weapons and badges and sign the waivers. Jerry Brudos is led out of his cell to them as he continues to brag. He is finally handcuffed to a table near them. Holden introduces himself and Bill. Jerry asks for cigarettes and pizza. Bill says he can't do that, but can get him anything in the commissary. He gets angry, but then reveals he's just messing with them. Jerry agrees to let them record, saying he'll do the interview as long as he knows he doesn't have to. Holden and Bill continue to sit at the adjacent table as they start the interview. They ask him about the lead-up to killing his first victim. He says he didn't kill her. They never found her body and was never convicted of it. He also says he never confessed to it. When Holden reads out his confessions, Brudos says to ignore that and it was coerced. He says the Portland PD set him up and forced him to confess. He met the woman, but didn't kill her. Holden starts to ask about the day before he met the woman, but Bill asks him about his attraction to women's fashions. They show him a photo of one of his victims and he pauses for a moment before saying he doesn't remember taking it. Bill brings it closer to him and shows him that his face is in the photo, meaning he took it, which also means he killed her. Brudos says Kemper was right when he said they were idiots. He laughs at them for believing Kemper. Bill thought all Kemper's communication was monitored, but Brudos says word gets around in prison.

As they leave, Holden and Bill discuss their subjects communicating with each other. They know it'll affect their outcomes. Holden is worried that Kemper called them idiots. He says it doesn't sound right to him. As they board their plane, Holden suggests going to see Kemper and asking him. The man who has the middle seat in their row interrupts. Bill offers him the aisle seat so he and Holden can talk, but he insists on sitting in his assigned seat.

On the flight, Bill and Holden talk over the businessman between them, passing photos from Brudos as they talk about how Brudos became who he is. As they pass a photo with a severed foot, the businessman offers to switch Bill, but Bill says he's enjoying the extra leg room of the aisle seat.

Wendy listens to the Brudos recording. She finds it fascinating. She wonders if he's lying or denying when he claims not to remember. Bill thinks he's lying. Wendy says they can learn from what he doesn't tell them, because they're not always going to get guys like Kemper who want to talk. Bill and Holden say they asked around and there's no evidence he and Kemper were ever actually in touch. Holden says if they are somehow anyway, it could screw up their research, but Wendy doesn't think so. She asks what they'd talk about, if they'd shared details of what they'd done. They're on opposite ends of the spectrum when it comes to what they'd admit. They have a new category to sort by: post-conviction admission or non-admission of guilt. Bill says they didn't get anything useful out of Brudos, but Wendy thinks that they actually did. Bill thinks it's only useful to her study, not their work, but she disagrees. She then excuses herself to get coffee. Bill and Holden follow her as she explains that the way he lies is interesting, because his lies are so far-fetched no one would believe him. He lied, they showed him the evidence, and then he ended the interview. Wendy suggests not backing him into a corner. She's certain he has more information to add to their data. In one of his cases, he pretended to be his own twin brother and talked about himself in the third person. Wendy says pretending to be someone else gives him room. She says he's not averse to talking about his family, because he mentioned his kids. She suggests that Bill talk about his son to get him talking, but Bill refuses. She says he doesn't have to talk about his family. He can make one up. He just needs to build rapport. She tells them to indulge him. After she walks away, Holden asks when Bill wants to go back. He doesn't, but Holden suggest next week and Bill agrees. 041b061a72

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