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Oh I didn't even notice Windows 7 support stopped, or I may have heard about it but forgot since it wasn't that long ago, Well I will try switching to 8, and that was part of the plan, but not on this machine. I'd really appreciate if you can clean this one as much as possible regardless, because this machine/installation has a lot of stuff on it and is configured just right so it's not worth undoing it to me. I'd prefer to just switch hard drives or machines instead, and I'm mostly using it offline lately anyway, and after the cleanup with limited online use max, precisely because part of the reason for this cleanup is moving on.Now I did uninstall the 2 programs and did the scans but before I did them and after your reply, just over this one day, the infestation got worse. I accidentally restarted the machine with online connection on which is something I don't actually do, and it seems this is what it was looking for because a bunch more stuff than normal activated on startup and installed some nonsense like a ScrSnap to desktop and a thing called VICS and now my default browser automatically opens and spams to various ad links regularly even though I keep closing it and even without connection (it used to do so before once startup and forgot to mention, but only once and now it's way worse). And I did not want to touch it before you got a chance to look at it, but the scans I performed after didn't seem to remove it anyway and after all the cleanup they are still on here and the browser still does that.As for the scans and cleanup I did them and they worked great but it was a bit confusing with the instructions because the software were probably updated so it wasn't quite as described. For AdAware I only had a Quarantine button, and then I went and manually deleted them from there after the restart and the logs were made, and for Roguekiller I assume you mean the Scan and Removal log files? Anyway here are the scans...Ok, it seems that one Farbar log is like way too long to post along with the rest so I will post it separately afterwards, here are the other 3:

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